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At B-visible.co.uk we are very proud of the work we have completed, this section shows a few primary examples of websites, flash work and seo (search engines optimisation) projects we have carried out. This will give you an insight into our unique designs and techniques that will help your project succeed online. We design everything around the clients needs so no templates are used, just pure skill and design.

So give us a ring today to discuss your web design requirements, Thank You.....


Industrial latex is a multi million pound company specialising in water based polymer composites. The website for ILC is currently under construction and due to replace the existing 10yr old website that was programmed using basic HTML. The new website will translate into two different dialects of Chinese at the click of a button, the new website is database driven and uses MY SQL, Flash, PHP and Java.


wear.co.uk is an online baby and childrenswear store. When we started with marwoods the budget was very tight, we offered them a unique business deal. This system worked very well they now get FREE updates, monthly meetings and FREE Google positions. And since us partnering the profits have increased every month.


Fleet Grafix needed something designing with a difference to reflect the design skills they have in their graphic design sign company. We looked at various different options and decided to create the whole website around a black background and implement the tools used in Flash. You will notice that the website looks sharp and the banner is very eye catching.

They are now using B-VISIBLE.CO.UK for seo, we look forward in helping them take over the local online market.


Ace Polishing Services LTD where looking to develop something online to generate more sales. We created the website on a small budget and a very tight time scale. Straight after development we started them on the basic SEO (search engine optimisation) package £10 per week. They had an immediate online success generating orders over £60,000. We have now started them on the large business SEO package and we look forward to taking over the entire online market.


Ashtree Interiors is a very modern and stylish website, we really enjoyed working on this project. The main aim of the website is to enable potential clients to view their wonderful work online. Website was created in php and java in a 4 week deadline.


West Automotive uses our SEO (search engine optimisation) skills to keep him on page 1 in Google for his keywords, before we started he was no where near page 1.

Now Page 1 in Google for:
mot equipment
mot alignment equipment

garage alignment equipment
wheel equipment
wheel alignment mot
mot alignment

We look forward to taking over the entire online market for his business type.


Donna Marie Photography is mainly built in Flash, with a very modern and memorable intro. We are also heavily involved in the SEO on this website and have secured page 1 positions in Google for all of her keywords. Her bookings have gone through the roof. This is now her only form of advertising and saves her a fortune.


Damintenance is a website that was previously designed by another web design company but the owner was unhappy with the website due to it being uncompleted so he decided to move to us. We have now transferred the domain and hosting to our team and redesigned the whole site ensuring email functionality.


Saverssite.com this website is now updated by our team ensuring weekly checks and maintenance is carried out. The website is programmed in php and uses MySql database to store over 3 million records for businesses. We are also now implementing SEO service for their keywords in Google.


DTS ceramic tiling is a small budget website using standard html and java. The website is clean and clear using a gallery section to display the recent work.

The website is hosted and uses a free domain name from our company.


Uk credit card claims.com uses various php forms to gather information for the use of the claims team. The data is sent via email once checked by our code to be processed by the team.

We are now also conducting SEO on this website in Google, Yahoo and MSN.


The Italian Room is a high quality, clean and modern design that truly reflects the restaurant at it's best.

The website is hosted and maintained by our team.

The Italian Room is also using our SEO service and is number 1 for:

italian room rochdale
italian food rochdale
italian restaurant rochdale

We look forward in getting him to number 1 in other towns.


Mairi venables.com uses a large flash gallery. The photography was carried out by our in house photographer and reflects Mairi's work perfectly.

We are also hosting the website and SEO work is carried out on a weekly basis.


Almerimar penthouse is a medium sized website with a clean design and a modern touch. We also have implemented a booking system that is maintained by the user.

Bookings can be taken online via the booking form, the bookings are sent directly to the owner and checked by our code.


Spice of India Nelson was created on a tight budget and short time scale. The website is simple but gets to the point.

Displays menus and gallery section, enabling customers to choose the meal before they get to the restaurant. Also includes booking functionality and print option for the menu.


Asha is a website from word of mouth from Spice of india Nelson. It uses the same techniques as the website to the left but with a gallery on the home page programmed in Java.



James Devine is a international solo artist with an album shortly due for release. His website enables music download and a gallery section.

The main use for this website is for his agents to enable bookings.


Accelerate driving solutions ltd website is a large website with lots of different features. The main features of the website include the booking system and the online theory tuition test.

The online test comprises of 50 multiple theory questions with a calculation tool to enable users to keep track of their results and receive certificates for passing.


Mojo guitars is an entirely different website with a couple of unique touches. We used an image of a guitar amp and turned the dials into buttons used to navigate the website. The second feature of the website is a content management system enabling the user to add and edit the dates of venues.


MS Kitchens Ltd website is now maintained by B-VISIBLE.CO.UK and optimised by our team.

The website uses a large MySql database and a content management system that enables changes.

The owner of the website due to him not understanding computers, regular requires our team to help him, which is another great part of our service.


The director of B-VISIBLE.CO.UK also runs a successful advertising business along with a local flash design team. We have created various Flash animations some of which can be seen below.

NORTH WEST "Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre" use our service to provide shoppers with eye catching displays to the public.


We have now also teamed up with NORTH WEST "Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre" to provide Flash Design for digital advertising screens.

Rochdale Exchange is a large shopping centre with a weekly footfall of around 120,000 people.



Cartridge world on a regular basis contact us for design improvements on advertisement campaigns.

We use our design team to ensure the quality is kept to a maximum, it often means re-designing whole movie sections.


Domino's Pizza uses our services to provide digital advertising to the public, we design Domino's advertisements using the latest animation software.



Hopwood Hall College have been using our service for years. We supply them with a great service offering design and advertising to the local market.


Body Beautiful Uk.com use our service to provide information to the general public, we design advert in the latest software applications to ensure crisp images at high resolutions.


We was commissioned by 25 ten to design something bright elegant and modern for a local advertising campaign.

Our design team worked closely alongside 25 Ten to ensure their needs where met.

The end product can be viewed in various shopping centre's on advertising screens.


The Italian room is a great customer that not only uses our advertising and marketing expertise but uses our web design skills. We provide them with the full package.

Our work truly reflects the modern feel of the high class restaurant.


Odeon Cinemas, this advert was designed in the aid of a local advertising campaign with a company that is owned by the Director of B-VISIBLE.CO.UK called ON-TV UK LTD.

The advert is broadcasted in NORTH WEST "Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre" and soon to be broadcast in NORTH WEST "The Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre". The advert shown to the left features Ice Age 3.

Advertisements are designed using the latest computing technology, our job is to ensure that the quality is at its highest and the effectiveness of Odeon's campaign is at it's maximum.


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The above prices exclude hosting and domain names

Manchester Web design Created: Flash Work For Cartridge World Manchester Web design Created: Flash Work For Hopwoodhall College Manchester Web design Created: Flash Work For Domino's Pizza Manchester Web design Created: Fleetgrafix.co.uk Manchester Web design Created: Giteslebreuil.com Manchester Web design Created: Saverssite.com View Our Extensive Portfolio